It doesn’t matter if your building a new home, or renewing your old bathroom, Ecoelectric 2016 ltd can help! We can wire homes to a specified design, or create electrical plans to suit your needs. Deciding on which brand of electrical fittings to use, and whether to install pendant lighting or downlight style lights can be overwhelming and critical depending on the area of your home or business. We can help with your choices and provide effective ideas, ultimately ensuring that the final package provides practical and affective solutions, safely.

Many houses in New Zealand still have the original rubber cabling and ceramic/asbestos fuse boards. As the rubber cable (called TRS or VIR) becomes brittle over time, it causes a significant fire risk. We can upgrade your cabling throughout your house to new plastic sheathed cable and protect it with high quality circuit breakers and safety switches, ensuring you and your house are safe. Contact us today to talk to one of our electricians.