If your house is too cold, too hot, too damp or you would just like to increase the quality of the air you breath…we can help! We are certified Smartvent installers and can install a system in your home to remove moist, stale and unhealthy air which eliminates condensation, creating a healthy home for your family.

Ecoelectric 2016 Limited can also install the correct heat pump to heat your entire house, or just part of your house. We use Panasonic heat pumps as they are reliable, have many features and come with a 5yr warranty. They feature PIR Proximity sensors, daylight sensors and timers, enabling your home to be heated in the most efficient way possible!

Fully installed Heat Pump Prices:

2.8Kw $1699incl. GST

3.6Kw $1799incl. GST

5.5Kw $2199incl. GST

6.4Kw $2399incl. GST

7.2Kw $2799incl. GST

8.0Kw $2999incl. GST



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